Lawn Bowls / Rabkin Comes in Fourth in Hong Kong

Jeff Rabkin and Irit Grenchel have returned from Hong-Kong after participating in a world singles indoor event. Both players represented Israel as the present title holders of the annual Masters Championships.

A total of 16 nations participated in the newly inaugurated "World Cup Tournament" under the auspices of the World Bowls Board,-the newly added competition however not enjoying universal support, with the resulting absence of players from the United Kingdom countries. Nonetheless competition was keen in both the men's and women's sections, particularly amongst the lower ranked nations which included newcomers China and the Canary Islands.

Played off in two round robin 8-up sections, and in the format of two sets of nine ends each, with tie breaks,the top four in each section qualified for the knock-out quarterfinals up to the final playoff.

For the Israelis, fast- running indoor carpet is always a trying experience, but both players did well to qualify for the knock-out rounds, Rabkin finishing third in his section(despite severe back problems), and Grenchel in the fourth log slot.

Rabkin won his quarterfinal against Canary Islands, but went down in the semis to Australia's 23 year old Mark Casey, who was the eventual finals winner against Hong-Kong's Terence Lee after going through the competition unbeaten.

Rabkin had earned his third round robin log slot with wins against Spain,Phillipines,Botswana and Japan, against losses to the two finalists and Canada. In the final overall log he finished 4th out of the 16 nations.

For Irit Grenchel it was a first time ever in the indoor scene, and her final log slot was a creditable seventh out of 16 . Grenchel's three wins against four losses were sufficient on shot difference to qualify for the quarterfinal in which she lost narrowly to Australia's Claire Duke,7-7,6-9.

In her preliminary rounds she did exceptionally well to beat the final overall winner, Hong-Kong's international player Grace Chu and also came close against New Zealand international Lisa Dickson before losing on a tie break. Grenchel's other wins were against Isle Of Man and USA, with losses against Fiji, Botswana and Canary Islands.

Following on the heels of the Hong Kong tournament national champions Raymond Sher and Ruthie Gilor travel to Belfast for a singles indoor tournament under the auspices of the World Indoors Bowls Council.