Lawn Bowls / National Fours / Ra'anana Sweeps Competition as Men Win With Dramatic Final End

Ra'anana won both the men's and women's national fours competition played off at Ra'anana this week. For the men it was pre-determined in an all Ra'anana final, while the women got the better of their Ramat Gan opponents.

The men's final provided the afternoon's excitement and a dramatic end to the game. The veteran Gordon Silberstein skipped his side of Lawrence Hurwitz, David Trappler, and Shalom Ben-Ami, but came up short against Raymond Sher, skipping for Alan Saitowitz, Denis Phillips and Selwyn Hare.

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The match featured excellent, accurate bowling by all, and up to the 13th end it was virtually level, with scores tied at 5-all after 7 ends and 9-all after 13 ends. Silberstein's foursome banded together to score a three and a one to lead 13-9. But Sher saved beautifully in the next end when his last bowl drive skimmed passed Silberstein's two blockers to remove his opponent's lying shot and to collect two vital shots to close the gap to 13-11 with two ends to play.

The following end turned tables completely for the final stage of the game. Silberstein's side was holding a comfortable two shots, which at that stage provided an overall four shot lead. Disaster then struck, when Hurwitz continued on the same hand, possibly to draw a third. His bowl however, was dead onto the jack, which shifted toward Sher's back bowls for a gifted three count.

Sher added one more for their side to enjoy the reversal and to start the last end with a two shot advantage. In the last end it was Sher's chance to deliver blockers, and all Silberstein could do was to score one shot and end the game one down.

For the 76-year-old Silberstein it was a near miss to add a fourth title to the ones he won in 1994, 1996 and 1997.

For the women, the Ra'anana foursome of Naomi Fix, Beverley Politansky, Talma Fink and Anne Kashi outplayed the Ramat Gan side of Edna Zomberg, Dalia Schneider, Ricki Ovadia and Nira Chassid to the tune of 21-4. Kashi at lead set the pattern with accurate bowling, followed similarly by her teammates.