Lawn Bowls / Home Side Gets First Gold as Women Shine in Triples

Israel's bowlers have won their first gold medal, taking the women's triples, even though two more rounds are still to be played. The home side is also vying with the South Africans for the top honors in the women's pairs and men's pairs and triples.

Israel's trio of Tami Kamzel, Irit Grencel and Tzila Gavish are unbeaten with six wins and a peel, and well ahead of Israel's B team of Yael Bar-Ner, Denny Galand and Noga Bachrach and South Africa's Bernice Berg, Cynthia Katz and Sandra Lurie, the latter two teams contesting for the silver.

The gold for the ladies pairs will be decided in the final round; South Africa's Annette Dimant and Merle Gimpel will face off against Israel's Edna Zomberg and Dalia Schneider. Israel's B pairing of Suzanna Wagensberg and Beverley Polatinsky are well placed for the silver.

Final fight-out

The men's pairs will also see a final fight-out when Israel's Haviv Takin and David Kontenta take on South Africans Roy Lampert and Stanley Friedman, with Israel's B side of Zvika Hadar and Danny Slodovnik assured of the silver.

South Africa's trio of Ben Kassel, Larry Berman and Joe Dimant need only to win against Britain's Stanley Lawrence, George Taylor and Terence Litchkin to take the gold, failing which Israel's team of Raymond Sher, Rami Oron and Denis Phillips could grab the top honors.

Australia's trio of Arnold Javern, Garry Beneviste and Bernard Fridman are well placed for the silver.

With the end of yesterday's play, the women's win in the triples was the only gold coming Israel's way. In the pairs the Israelis, who needed a win against South Africa, only managed to peel the game, giving South Africa the gold.

The men's pairs for the gold ended in a nail-biting finish, with South Africa getting the one winning shot in the last head. In the triples, South Africa's trio won against Britain to collect their second men's gold, as expected.