Lawn Bowls / Annual Passover Tournament / Ramat Gan Claims Max Spitz Trophy

The annual five-day Pesach tournament was rounded off last week with the presentation of the Max Spitz Trophy, accompanied by speakers recalling Spitz's sole effort 57 years ago in introducing the game of lawn bowls locally.

28 teams from Israel's 8 clubs participated in a mixed triple tournament at the Ramat Gan club, where the very first bowl had been delivered in Israel way back in 1953.

Deservedly it was the Ramat Gan trio of George Kaminsky, Micha Farkash and Riki Ovadia who claimed the honors for their club when they won final 19-7 against Ra'anana's Gordon Silberstein, Ivan Kantor and Shirley Kantor. While the game was keenly contested, it was the Ramat Gan trio who played the more cohesive bowls.

Riki Ovadia at lead set the pattern with consistent accurate drawing to the jack, followed similarly by Farkash, and then finally by the proficient Kaminsky at skip, always at hand to add the extras or save where necessary.

Part of the day's proceeds are donated to various charities, the concept introduced originally by Spitz himself at the initiation of the tournament.