Last Call for Kadima Voters

Your Mofaz is also one of the Israelis who generated the second intifada. Do you want him to bring upon us a third one, and perhaps most terrible of all, the bombing of Iran?

This is the last call for passengers boarding the Kadima train: Do not vote for Shaul Mofaz. Vote for Tzipi Livni or Meir Sheetrit - preferably not Avi Dichter - anything but Mofaz. True, a lot of you became Kadima members in the first place only because the chairman of your work committee instructed you to sign up to support the transportation minister, who is good to your workplace. True, your vote contractor pledged that you would put the "right" slip in the ballot box, you and your families. But you can break your pledge. In fact you cannot just break it - it is your duty to do so.

If something beyond wheeling and dealing is dear to you; if you consider matters beside the work committee, the clique, the clan and your workplace important; if you care about the country, society, the army and even, excuse the expression, our morality - you cannot vote for Mofaz. If Mofaz becomes your candidate for prime minister of Israel on Wednesday, it will be a black day, on which an unworthy, invalid, almost illegitimate candidate was chosen. Ehud Olmert's sins, which you are now trying to expiate, will appear as white as snow compared to Mofaz's escapades as chief of staff and defense minister. This man - a man of force and violence whose way is one of force and violence - must not head the government of this country, particularly at this dangerous time.

You handful of Kadima voters are not an easy bunch to persuade. Most of you became members of this nothing-party only to serve personal interests. Why else would you sign up for Kadima? Because of its non-existent ideology? Its lofty ideas and admirable leadership? A good many of you simultaneously became members of one or two other parties, just to be on the safe side.

They have placed the votes you pledged in sealed containers. They are counting on your blind obedience to your boss and the local party hack. This is the time to prove that this is not you, that there is another thing or two beyond your personal advancement and the job that was promised to your relative that's making you loose sleep. Prove that beyond your urge to take revenge on the Arabs, to punish, pulverize, strike, kill, arrest and starve them, you are also willing to think about tomorrow. Show us that you believe Israel is more enlightened than your candidate; prove that you do not want force to become the sole language of the country in which you live. If you choose Mofaz, it will be.

In a properly-run country, Mofaz would be considered an outcast, persona non grata. "I think we must strike very hard," he told the members of the Winograd Committee examining the conduct of the Second Lebanon War, encapsulating in a few words his wretched worldview. That is the way he has always expressed himself and that is the way he always acted. Strain your memory: Did Shaul Mofaz ever express a single intersting idea? Was there ever a single opportunity when he did not support yet another military operation?

This is the time to remind you: Mofaz was one of the cruelest defense ministers to ever hold that office here. None was more cruel. He always saw the Arabs through the sights of a gun, an Apache, a tank and a plane. He never even considered another way. He is a serial refuser to making peace. Mofaz never really supported any diplomatic move that went slightly beyond the battlefield he knows so well.

Formerly Sharon's contractor for assassinations, as chief of staff Mofaz opposed the withdrawal from Lebanon as well as the partial withdrawal from Hebron, for which he was almost fired. As defense minister he first opposed the disengagement and then supported it, on condition that the Israel Defense Forces remain in the Gaza Strip "as a bargaining chip," after he hurriedly and opportunistically toed Sharon's line.

Mofaz is the eternal supporter of the "major action" in Gaza, opponent of the cease-fire, and now of a withdrawal from the Golan Heights. In his role as head of the parliamentary caucus in favor of assassinations, or at least deporting Yasser Arafat, surely you remember his voice, as chief of staff, caught by chance on a microphone, calling for Arafat to be deported - a scandal in its own right. On his orders Israel demolished the mechanisms of Fatah's government in the territories; the bitter outcome of that foolish policy can now be seen in Gaza. The Mofazes who neutralized Arafat aided Hamas' rise to power. Your Mofaz is also one of the Israelis who generated the second intifada. Do you want him to bring upon us a third one, and perhaps most terrible of all, the bombing of Iran?

If there is one figure who represents no other way but force and violence, it is he. During his term as defense minister Israel killed 1,705 Palestinians, 372 of whom were children and teens, six times more than the number of Israelis who were killed during that same bloody period. This is the only thing Mofaz knows how to do - the father of the assassination school of thought - the only school of thought named after him. You will most certainly recall how he came to you: at the last minute, only after realizing that he had no chance in Likud. This, therefore is your last call: Do something momentous this week. The alternatives do not promise much, but remember there is Mofaz - and there are all the rest.