Lador Asked to Cite Holon Rabbi for Anti-judge Incitement

The courts administration has approached the state prosecutor over whether to investigate statements made by the rabbi of Holon, who said judges should not be allowed to join Jewish prayers.

According to a report on the Israeli news site Ynet earlier this week, during his show on Radio Tel Hai, Rabbi Avraham Yosef said: "The judge himself, even if he knows how to pray really well and do everything really well - from the moment he is appointed as a judge, he has ruled himself out from the minyan... Even if he promises that all his verdicts are given according to [the halakhic manual] Shulchan Aruch, he is still 'One who raises his hand on the Torah of Moses' and is unworthy of joining anything of holiness."

Rabbi Avraham Yosef is the son of Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef.

The letter to State Prosecutor Moshe Lador was authored by the court administration's professional advisor Barak Lazer, with a copy sent to Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch.

"The statements include gravely detrimental and contemptuous comments on senior officials in the government and the courts," the letter read. "Rabbi Yosef is quoted as saying that from the moment a man is appointed to be a judge he has ruled himself out from joining a minyan, as well as instructing his listeners to ignore judges as if they [didn't exist]."

"The statements amount to incitement, made by a man perceived as a spiritual leader by a large and significant portion of the population, and a man who also serves in public office as the rabbi of the city of Holon and a member of the chief rabbinical council," noted Lazer.