Labor's Ballot System Collapse Sends Warning to Likud, Kadima

The collapse of the computerized voting system in Labor's primary sent chills up the spines of Likud and Kadima officials, as both parties are also planning computerized primaries.

Both parties discussed the situation yesterday, but ultimately decided to stick with computerized voting. Likud's contest will take place next Monday, December 8, and Kadima's will be on December 17.

Likud and Kadima both hired Malam Systems to run their primaries, whereas Labor used a different company, Taldor.

Malam officials met yesterday with Likud secretary general Gadi Arieli and Kadima secretary general Moshe Shehori to explain the company's system and assure them that it has been tested repeatedly and found to work.

They also said that they are conducting their own inquiries into the collapse of Taldor's system, to ensure that the same problems will not affect their system.

The two parties have also conducted numerous tests of their own on the system in recent weeks, including seeing how it responds to exceptional events like a power failure.

Malam has more experience than Taldor in computerized systems, however is also much more expensive.

This was presumably a factor in the Labor party's decision to choose the latter.