Israel Election Updates / Labor OKs Knesset Slate; Livni: Netanyahu Is on His Way Out

50 days to go: Green Movement head gets slot on Zionist Camp list; Bennett: Unlikely that Habayit Hayehudi will join Likud government.

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Members of the Zionist Camp at Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, January 25, 2015.
Members of the Zionist Camp at Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, January 25, 2015.Credit: Moti Milrod

Latest political summary: Yisrael Beiteinu said it would seek to ban the unified Arab list from running in the coming elections, while Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid slammed Benjamin Netanyahu for 'ruining' ties with the U.S. Read full article here

Latest updates:

8:37 P.M. Trajtenberg booed as Labor Party finalizes Knesset slate

The Labor Party finalized the composition of their list for the elections Sunday night at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, who will be placed 11th on the list, was largely booed by the crowd. The crowd's scorn was most likely due to Trajtenberg's support for limiting government spending.

Former Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz was lauded throughout the night, receiving a royal welcome from a chanting crowd.

"No one will teach us what Zionism is - we are the true Zionism," Isaac Herzog said, while Tzipi Livni addressed Benjamin Netanyahu, saying "you know the elections have been decided and you are on your way home."

7:59 P.M. Yesh Atid to announce slate for elections on Monday

Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party will announce the composition of its slate for the upcoming elections on Monday.

The list is unlikely to significantly change from its current standing. So far, Lapid has announced two additions to the party - Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yalin and MK Elazar Stern, who left Tzipi Livi's Hatnuah following her party's union with the Labor Party.

The party, which won 19 seats last election, is currently polling between 9 and 12 seats. (Yarden Skop) 

8:15 A.M. Livni names Yael Cohen Paran, co-chairman of the Green Movement, as pick for reserved spot on Hatnuah's slots in Zionist Camp elections list (Haaretz)

2:17 A.M. Bennett: Unlikely that Habayit Hayehudi will join a Likud government

Naftali Bennett all but ruled out a unity government with Likud Saturday night, in an interview with Channel 10. Citing fundamental differences, such as Likud's "support for a Palestinian state," Bennett said he does not foresee an agreement. However, he added the caveat of "never say never in politics." (Jonathan Lis)

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