Knesset Report / Ban Soldiers From Using Cell Phones

One of the report's recommendations for the future was to forbid soldiers to use their personal cell phones during military operations. In fact, it said, the army should collect such phones before an operation starts and return them when it ends.

During the Second Lebanon War, the chief of staff actually did forbid soldiers to bring their phones into Lebanon, but not until almost three weeks after the war began - and even then, many units failed to enforce the order.

"Beyond the verbal information transmitted via such conversations (which are vulnerable to enemy eavesdropping), cell-phone conversations endanger our troops," the report concluded.

It also advised the rapid completion of the Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6), which is slated to run almost the entire length of the country once it is finished. Such a road is vital to enable the rapid transit of troops and equipment from one part of the country to the other during wartime, it said.