Knesset Rebukes Israeli Arab MK for Attending Hamas-Fatah Unity Ceremony

Ahmed Tibi rebuked for failing to obtain Knesset Ethics Committee consent before traveling to Cairo with funding from a Palestinian foundation.

MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al ) was rebuked yesterday by the Knesset Ethics Committee for failing to obtain its consent before traveling to Cairo last month, with funding from a Palestinian foundation, for the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement signing ceremony.

Knesset members are required to obtain approval in advance from the ethics committee for all foreign travel not paid for by the Knesset or the MKs themselves. Tibi applied to the committee only after leaving Israel, attributing his belated request to an error by his parliamentary aide.

tibi - Moti Kimche - February 15 2011
Moti Kimche

The Knesset Ethics Committee rejected Tibi's explanation. In its written decision, its members cited three similar incidents during the current Knesset involving Tibi.

Tibi's office issued the following statement yesterday: "The ethics committee, whose members include [MKs] Aryeh Eldad and Tzipi Hotovely but not a single Arab MK, has become the home court of the deluded right. It's interesting that Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] was never issued a severe rebuke for his many trips. Tibi will continue to travel in order to fulfill his mission and his political perspective as he sees fit."