Knesset Panel Backs Plan to Snuff Out Tobacco Advertising

Advertising tobacco products in newspapers and on the Internet to be prohibited, while cigarette companies will be forbidden to sponsor events.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Monday approved the Health Ministry's proposal to prohibit advertising tobacco products in newspapers and on the Internet.

The bill also forbids cigarette companies to sponsor various events as they do today, such as financing student days. The companies will not be allowed to mark tobacco products with fruit pictures, which could mislead people - especially teenagers - about the damage caused by smoking them.


The proposal stipulates that the dimensions of the warning regarding tobacco products will be 30 percent of the advertisement's size, in contrast to the five percent required today. The production and marketing of food products or toys resembling tobacco products will also be banned, among other things because of their influence on the image of smoking among teens.

Cigarette companies will be prohibited from distributing tobacco products free of charge, or for joining a mailing list and the like.

It will be forbidden to sell tobacco products to minors, and more responsibility will be placed on all-night kiosk venders to prevent them from selling tobacco to minors.

Cigarette companies will be required to report to the health minister and the public about tobacco products' content and the various ingredients' toxicity, as is customary in respect to food products.

Tobacco products in fruit flavors will be forbidden, because they attract teenagers and make it easier for them to start smoking and become addicted.

Last Wednesday the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved a proposal that bans smoking in public places, intended to protect people from passive smoking.