Knesset Committee Foils Nudelman's Bid to Join Kadima

MK Michael Nudelman will be barred from running on Kadima's list for the upcoming general elections unless he immediately resigns from the Knesset, Knesset Attorney General Nurit Elstein announced yesterday. Her decision came after the Knesset House Committee declared earlier in the day that Nudelman had quit the National Union faction.

Nudelman, who is No. 27 on the Kadima list, said he has no intention of quitting the Knesset, and plans to appeal the decision in Jerusalem District Court.

Nudelman was chairman of the Aliyah party, one of several making up the National Union faction.

His support for last summer's disengagement from Gaza saved Ariel Sharon's government from a no-confidence vote and early elections in late 2004.

According to Knesset regulations, an MK who has announced he's quitting cannot join any other list of an already existing party.

Only 10 of the 25 members of the committee, primarily members of the Likud and other right-wing parties, attended yesterday's meeting. No Kadima or Labor Party committee members attended.

The committee voted by an 8-2 majority that Nudelman had quit National Union, and therefore, is barred from running with Kadima in the upcoming elections.

National Union faction head MK Zvi Hendel said at yesterday's meeting that since Nudelman had voiced his support for the Gaza disengagement for nearly two years, he knew he would pay a political price.