Kiryat Yam Man Burns Partner to Death

Police yesterday arrested a 52-year-old man from Kiryat Yam on suspicion that he burned his partner to death after arguing with her over money.

Police say the suspect confessed, but claimed the crime was connected to an affair his wife was having with another man.

The woman, Larissa Davidov, was with her partner at an apartment which she owned, waiting for a plumber who was supposed to repair the pipes. Neighbors testified that Davidov and her partner were arguing about money.

Zvulun regional police commander, Jamal Hakrush, said he received reports at roughly 2 P.M. of screams coming from the third floor of the couple's apartment building.

He said that police officers arrived at the scene roughly two minutes later, saw the woman's body burning and helped extinguish the flames. The officers arrested the man.

A Magen David Adom rescue team pronounced the woman dead.

Arraignment today

Police sources said the couple had been together for more than 10 years, and had two children, aged 7 and 16. Davidov and her partner - who is scheduled to be arraigned today - were the biological parents of the younger son.

Neighbors in the area said that the couple did not live in the apartment, but rented it out, and arrived just for the repairs.

"He swore in Russian," one neighbor said. "He called her a whore. She was a good woman, and she worked very hard," she added. Davidov worked as an orderly at Bnei Tzion Hospital.

In his interrogation, the husband reportedly said that his wife was unfaithful to him with a bus driver. "He said that he worked 12 hours every day to provide for her and her son, and that he was upset over her infidelities," one police officer told Haaretz.

The suspect reportedly became angry after his wife made fun of him when he confronted her about her alleged affair, and after he told her to stop seeing the lover. One of the victim's family members said he had heard the suspect stabbed Davidov to death before he set fire to her body.

Officials from the municipality said that last week Davidov sought legal advice from the city on how to receive alimony from her partner. They said she told city employees that she intended to leave him.