Khenin Focuses on Ecology

MK Dov Khenin (Hadash), speaking to a few dozen 11th and 12th graders at Tel Aviv's Ironi Heh High School, focused mainly on ecology - fighting against plastic bags in supermarkets and big polluters.

Khenin also tried to rehabilitate the Knesset's image.

"Usually people see the Knesset as a place where people come to argue and shout," he said. "But the Knesset is an important place where the rules of the game are kept. Criticism of politics should not lead us to flee from it, but rather to another, cleaner kind of politics." Khenin explained the process of legislation, and about the five laws he has managed to pass and others on the way.

"The common denominator is that any subject you try to promote involves a fight," said Khenin.

"Listen closely," said their principal, Miriam Gol. "That's a question that often appears on matriculation exams."

Students asked Khenin about plans for a subway in Tel Aviv, the advantages of the electric car, pollution and solar energy.

Khenin was not entirely optimistic. "To speak 'green' is a lot easier than to act 'green'" the lawmaker said.

Hardly any of the students - some of whom took time off from their exam-preparation vacation to hear Khenin - asked about Qassams or the Winograd Report.