Kfar Truman Residents Join Battle Against Ben-Gurion Nighttime Flights

The battle to stop Ben-Gurion International Airport from operating at night is growing. Residents of Kfar Truman have now joined the protest against the noise of the planes and plan to demonstrate on Sunday, with a police permit, at the airport entrance.

Their decision to join the battle comes in the wake of what they say are the airport's changed procedures: operating on only one runway, and with nighttime takeoffs.

"The change in the route of the flights began on June 1, so that all the flights will take off from the 'corner,' which is located right above the heads of the village residents," the chairman of the committee of Kfar Truman residents, Shaul Almogi, told Haaretz yesterday. "[That along with] the arbitrary decision of the transportation minister, in the Economic Arrangements Law, to permit flights all night long without a break, have brought an intolerable situation upon the residents of Kfar Truman."

He says residents will attend the demonstration at the airport to cry out: "Let us and our children sleep in peace."

Almogi added that a legal representative of the Kfar Truman residents, attorney Zvi Tahori, even submitted a strong complaint on the matter to the Israel Airports Authority on June 6.

The legal adviser to the Airports Authority, Ariyeh Shaham, rejected the complaints in a letter dated June 7. "I find it surprising that your client considered it proper to turn to us by letter at present, when there has been no change in the operation of Ben-Gurion International Airport over the years, and therefore your claim regarding 'incessant noises from takeoffs and landings' does not contain any factual data that did not exist during all the previous years," he wrote.