Kfar Sava and Hadera / Day Camps Found to Have Sanitation, Safety Violations

The State Comptroller found that the Hadera and Kfar Sava municipalities failed to supervise summer day camps adequately. Local authorities are responsible for overseeing security, safety and sanitation at day camps.

The two municipalities had 87 day camps serving 5,000 youth during July and August of 2005.

Examinations revealed that only 43 of the 56 day camps required to obtain a business license actually did so. Nearly all the day camps in Kfar Sava and 40 percent of the camps in Hadera failed to provide safety inspection reports as required.

This means both municipalities failed to fulfill their supervisory role in examining those reports. Moreover, the Kfar Sava licensing authority granted operating licenses to 13 day camps that did not conduct safety inspections or obtain the legally required permits and documents.

Safety inspections of 16 Hadera day camps revealed many safety breaches, such as unsafe fences around play areas. Children who participated in Hadera preschool day camps used swimming pools intended for older children, and one day camp even took children to an unsanitary pool.

In addition, bathrooms at a few of the Hadera camps violated sanitation standards.

The state comptroller stated, "A few of the day camps operated without correcting safety violations, without maintaining appropriate sanitary conditions and without taking necessary security precautions."