Keshet Chief Avi Nir Attacked Near North TA Home

Channel 2 franchisee Keshet chief Avi Nir was attacked and beaten with wooden boards yesterday evening near his home in north Tel Aviv.

Nir was walking his in dog along a path in a public park on Kehilat Sofia Street in his neighborhood of Ramat Hahayal, when two young men called to him, asking, "Are you Avi Nir from television?"

When he said he was, they attacked him. A neighbor in the park at the same time heard Nir's shouts and saw the dog running away. He shouted at the attackers, who fled. After Nir emerged from the park, his face bloodied, neighbors called the police and an ambulance.

Nir, who suffered bruises to the face and head, was treated by an ambulance crew and taken to Ichilov Hospital.

Nir told the police he could not identify his attackers and does not know why he was attacked. Sources at Keshet mentioned the possibility that Nir was targeted due to research underway on a segment of the investigative journalism show "Fact."

Gili Izakovich contributed to this report.