Judges in Karp Trial May Visit Murder Scene

Both sides in the Aryeh Karp murder trial are considering asking the panel of judges to travel to the scene of the crime at the Tel Baruch promenade in order to evaluate the topography and compare it to the evidence.

A visit by judges to the scene of the crime is rare, and is usually only requested if one side believes it can highlight evidence in its case that are difficult to appreciate from photographs of the scene.

If the judges venture out to Tel Baruch, the defense will try to prove that between the time Karp was assaulted on August 15, 2009, to the time he died, there had to be another incident, which breaks up the link between his beating at the hands of several youths and his death. As such, it would undermine the case against the defendants.

The defense will also argue that it is not possible that Karp managed to walk the distance that he allegedly covered, with his injuries, especially as he had to climb toward the water breaker and traverse a fence, without a third party being involved.

For its part, the prosecution will insist that there were no third parties involved in Karp reaching the place where his body was found, because the victim did not walk to the place where he was found dead. The prosecution says that Karp fell into the water and the waves carried him to the location where his corpse was found.

The forensic pathologist who testified before the District Court yesterday said that Karp died as a result of the assault and did not drown as the defense claims.