Judges Halt Karp Murder Trial After State Withholds Evidence

A newly discovered security tape filmed the night Aryeh Karp was killed does not show the area where the attack occured, the police and prosecution argued yesterday, but the court nonetheless ruled the murder trial will be postponed until June to let the defense examine the new evidence .

The defense team claims that the state withheld this evidence.

Aryeh Karp was assaulted by a gang of young men while out with his family on the Tel Baruch beach in northern Tel Aviv, and his body was found several hours later.

The tape, recorded by the Sde Dov airport security cameras, shows an area 600 to 700 meters north of the site of the attack, sources from the Tel Aviv district prosecution said.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that the person seen running in the video is Karp; nor is there evidence that the people running behind him are chasing him, the source said.

However, the Tel Aviv District Court decided to postpone the trial.

The defense attorneys for the murder suspects say that due to the court's decision, they have time to get the tape, which they claim shows Karp running from his assailants.

The defense has maintained that the suspects on trial are not the ones who killed Karp, even though they do not deny attacking him. The attorneys say that at the time the video was recorded, their clients were elsewhere, as their cell phone records show. This therefore proves that their clients were not the killers, they say.

The prosecution rejects the defense's argument, arguing that it is impossible to identify the person running in the video. The prosecution also says that eyewitnesses and DNA evidence prove with certainty that after the assault Karp ran southward, while the recording shows a person running northward.

"Fifteen minutes after the assault, he could not have been running 600 to 700 meters north of the site of the attack," prosecution sources said.

However, the court ruled that the new evidence may play a role, and "under such circumstances we found it necessary to let the defense attorneys have the time necessary to prepare."

Prosecution sources tried to minimize the impact of the hiatus, stressing that a break had been scheduled anyway, since the panel of judges is off in March and April.