Judge Returns Home to Find Tires Slashed, Again

The recent spate of violence against judges continued over the weekend when Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Judge Anna Schneider came home to find her tires slashed and the words "You + Beinisch = Murder" etched out on her car. This is the third time Schneider's tires were slashed in the last six months.

Friends of the judge slammed police and the court administration yesterday, for what they described as a lax approach to the threats against her.

"It's certainly an escalation - it was not just vandalization of the vehicle, but a real threat," Schneider's son Eyal told Haaretz yesterday.

Police sources said yesterday that the vandalization was caught by security cameras that had been installed in the vicinity since the assaults on Schneider began.

Senior police officials also told Haaretz that no efforts were being spared to trace the suspect, and they believe the efforts will be rewarded very soon.

But Schneider's family said that despite earlier attacks, the police were still not doing enough to protect the judge and apprehend those responsible.

"The blood of a Magistrate's Court judge is every bit as red as the blood of a Supreme Court President or a senior political figure," a friend of Schneider's said.

"A special task force should have been set up to review the cases my mother is working on and determine if there is any connection [with the attacks]," said Eyal Schneider.

"Considering the recent escalation in threats and attacks on judges, these incidents could have been treated more seriously. As far as results are concerned, no progress had been made," he said.

"There's a very clear message that someone out there wants a judge murdered," he continued. "The police should concentrate its best forces on that and treat the incident as if it had been an attempt on the life of the Supreme Court President."

The Israel Bar Association will hold its annual memorial service today honoring Adi Azar, a district court judge murdered in 2004. Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, and Azar's widow, Bilhat Azar, are set to attend the ceremony.

'Contempt for the judicial system'

Neeman drew a link yesterday between the vandalizing of Schneider's car and the recent comments made by Deputy Jerusalem District Prosecutor Uri Corb, who referred to judges as "major asses."

"If the deputy Jerusalem district prosecutor talks like this about judges, what more can we do to stop this horrible tsunami?" asked Neeman. "This is contempt for the judicial system."