Judge Also Convicted Man in Yom Kippur Hit-and-run Last Year

Yitzhak Cohen, the presiding judge in the panel that convicted Roman Zadorov yesterday of the murder of Tair Rada, was in newspapers last year after sentencing a man who ran over a 9-year-old girl on Yom Kippur to nine years in prison.

The Rada case panel, which also included Judge Haim Galpaz and Judge Ester Hellman-Nussboim, sentenced Zadorov to life in prison.

Cohen, who is now deputy president of the Nazareth District Court, was appointed to the magistrate's court bench in 1990 and was promoted to the district court in 1997. In 2006, Cohen acquitted defendants of most of the charges against them in a case involving a bus accident in which 17 people were killed and 37 injured. He ruled that the defendants lacked an awareness of the catastrophic consequences of their actions.

In March 2007, Judge Cohen convicted Assad Shibli of manslaughter for running over a young girl, Tal Zino, with an all-terrain vehicle on Yom Kippur eve (when vehicles are rarely driven ) near a synagogue in Kfar Tavor.

In another noteworthy case, Cohen granted an appeal filed by four young people from Katzrin who had been denied admittance to a nightclub at Ramat David because of where they were from. Cohen ruled that anti-discrimination laws were sufficiently open-ended to cover the case.