Jordan MP: Gas-purchase Plan Is Israeli Conspiracy

Hind al-Fayez has also become a name on social media because of her defiance in the face of sexism from her peer legislators.

Offshore Leviathan natural gas drilling site.

A member of Jordan's parliament weighed in rather angrily about the kingdom's plan to buy gas from Israel's huge offshore reserve s, seeing the deal as an Israeli conspiracy to starve the Jordanian people.

"We should not use the Jordanian [budget] deficit as a pretext to justify dealing with Satan," MP Hind al-Fayez said in a December 14 interview aired on the UK-Jordanian ANB TV.

"While Jordan rushes to sign a deal for the Israeli gas, it is very slow in developing other, local, solutions," she said in remarks translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

"There is a conspiracy at play here," she said. "They want to starve, enfeeble and exhaust our people, so they can justify the shattering of its honor.

"No. We will never let this happen."

Al-Fayez said Israel wants "to blend in the Arab world." But "it will remain an unwanted, parasitical plague, a plundering occupier," she said.

The Arab boycott "spells its death," the MP said.

Al-Fayez has become quite popular on social media because of an incident in Jordan's parliament, news reports say.

A recent CNN report said that during a parliament debate about the gas deal, she declined to cede the floor. One of her peer MPs yelled at her to sit down and then railed, "God curse the person who brought the quota to parliament!"

Jordan's legislature requires that 10% of its 150 seats be reserved for women, CNN reported.

Al-Fayez told CNN's anchor, Hala Gorani, that she was surprised that her colleague changed the subject to the quota.

She said that whether she was named to her post because of the quota or not, "by the end of the day I am a parliamentarian now. You judge me by my performance, you judge me by my achievements, not by being a female or a male."