John Oliver Slams Netanyahu, Herzog, Lapid Election Ads

The 'Last Week Tonight' host pokes fun at Herzog's lack of confidence, Netanyahu's use of ISIS, and the boring nature of Yesh Atid's ad.

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John Oliver.
John Oliver.Credit: AP

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver poked fun at recent campaign ads from Benjamin Netanyahu, Isaac Herzog and Yair Lapid.

Oliver started with Netanyahu's recent ad suggesting that the left would allow the ISIS, also knows as ISIL or the Islamic State, into Israel.

"I'm pretty sure if ISIL were going to take over Israel, they wouldn't be politely waiting until after the election.

Oliver also joked about Isaac Herzog's ad aiming to quell voters about his seeming lack of charisma, or as Oliver put it, his "perfectly pleasant baritone."

However, Herzog dubbed his voice for that ad with a booming announcer, causing Oliver to wonder how irritating Herzog's real voice must be, comparing it Pee Wee Herman mid-orgasm, Ray Romano possessed by the ghost of a duck or Russel Crowe's normal singing voice.

"It's not a great sign of strong leadership that the moment someone criticizes your voice, you panic and go hire a stunt larynx."

Oliver saved his harshest criticism for Yesh Atid's three-hour single-shot ad summarizing the party's achievements while someone behind him painted a mural - "literally allowing the viewer to compare you to the experience of watching paint dry." 

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