Jews Cannot Preach Humanity and Expel Migrants

The slave traffic is proceeding as usual, and the slave traffickers continue making a profit per capita.

Deporting foreign workers together with their children is a gangland conspiracy intended to make traffickers in workers, who are cronies of the men in power, even richer. There is no other way to explain it. For as soon as these workers are deported, others will immediately be brought in to replace them. They are already on their way. The slave traffic is proceeding as usual, and the human traffickers continue making a profit per capita.

The foreign workers are not taking jobs away from unemployed or needy Israelis. This story is a lie. Anyone who has ever looked for a caretaker for an elderly relative knows one cannot be found. And anyone with eyes in his head can see the stream of foreigners that keeps flowing in, incessantly.

We have already tried exhibitionist expulsion operations, yet the number of labor migrants and refugees has not gone down; perhaps it has even grown. Instead of cracking down on those who profit from illicit activity - though they are functionaries of Likud, Shas and the Labor Party - they are going for the children.

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar was outraged by this and even submitted a cabinet proposal to rescind the decree. But he cannot make do with this. He must dig in and make sure this edict is killed. Deportation is not the "Mofaz Law" - whose opponents supported it nevertheless, unwilling to break the party line. If the cabinet does not adopt his proposal, Sa'ar will not be able to boast that he did his part.

And he most certainly will not be able to continue serving as education minister. Because he is responsible for those kindergartners and schoolchildren who will be kidnapped, imprisoned and banished. As education minister, all children are his responsibility.

The expectations we pinned on some of his colleagues - Benny Begin, Dan Meridor, Michael Eitan - have recently descended to half mast. Now, they have another chance to raise their banner and replace the black flag hanging over the deportation. No Israeli government has a Jewish and democratic mandate to force mothers, fathers and small children to cower in hiding places and secret apartments from their persecutors.

Whoever does not understand this today will understand it the day after tomorrow, when the first picture is published throughout the world, to the joy of Israel's haters. Here is proof that the Jews are like everyone else. Let them stop once and for all awarding courageous gentiles who did not stand idly by the title of Righteous among the Nations. Those Jews cannot teach us a historic lesson in humanity, and we will accept neither praise nor condemnation from them.

I hesitate to utter his name for fear of the human hunters' evil eye. How low have we sunk?

He is six years old, born in Israel; Hebrew is his language. He graduated from kindergarten and is entering first grade. His mother helps us clean house once a week, after our last Israeli cleaner resigned and we could not find another Israeli to replace her.

The mother has been here for more than 10 years and is more Israeli in character and affiliation than many Israelis. She is more patriotic than we, sometimes. I look at her and tell myself that this is what a Hebraic woman of yore looked like.

His mother brings him to us often, especially during holidays or when he is sick. He calls my wife grandma and me grandpa, and that is how we feel toward him - like grandma and grandpa. We try to make him feel at home.

And I say to Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Eli Yishai: Don't lay a hand on this boy; he is ours, one of us. He loves us and we love him. We still don't know exactly what we will do when the ax falls on this grandson of ours, but we will do something. That much is clear, and should be clear to you, too. We are not permitted to accept it. That's all we need - that one of our grandchildren should ask us one day: Where is Noam (fictitious name), and where were you when they took him? What will we reply?

Don't put us in this disgraceful position. Don't make us feel ashamed and disgusted with ourselves. We're disgusted enough already.