Want Woody Allen to Make a Film in Israel? Pay Up

Los Angeles' Jewish Journal starts crowd-funding campaign to convince prominent Jewish director to pick the Holy Land as his next location.

A U.S. Jewish weekly has initiated a crowd-funding project, geared at convincing prominent director Woody Allen to make his next film in Israel.

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles initiated the fundraising scheme, posted on the Jewish crowd-funding website Jewcer.

Speaking of the fact that Allen has never even been to Israel, the post said: "For a man who has done much to define the image of 'Jew' in our time, this needs repair."

"We can’t imagine what will result when Woody Allen meets Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but then again — that’s why we want to pay to find out," the post said.

According to the Jewish Journal, the initiative was born after Allen was quoted as saying in several interviews that he decided at one point that he would only make films in countries that call him up and invite him.

"You can see where we're going with this, right? There is something powerful and indelible about movies that transcends news and politics. And all it would take to get him to immortalize Israel is a paltry $18 million," the Jewcer post added.

According to the Jewish Journal, once the projects raises "$9 million (and have it matched by a donor), we offer the money to Woody Allen to be used to shoot his feature-length movie in Israel."

"With any unused funds, Tribe Media Corp. creates a Jewcer Israel Film Fund that seeds independent film projects in Israel via Jewcer," the post added.