Brooklyn Woman Turns to Facebook to Get Jewish Divorce

Rivky Stein launches campaign to convince husband to grant her religious writ of divorce and raise awareness in her community.

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From the 'Redeem Rivky: Demand that Yoel Weiss Give his Wife a Get' Facebook page.

An Orthodox Jewish woman from Brooklyn has turned to Facebook in an effort to convince her husband to grant her a get (religious writ of divorce).

According to a report in the New York Daily News, Rivky Stein, 24, married Yoel Weiss, 31, in 2008, but left him after he allegedly raped her and abused her. Weiss, who says he will only grant her a get once their custody battle over their two children is settled in court, denies the charges.

According to halakhah (traditional Jewish law), a woman must obtain a get from her husband to be considered divorced. Women whose husbands deny them a get, called agunot ("chained wives"), are prevented from remarrying under Jewish law.

Stein says she created the social media campaign not only for her sake, but as an effort to prevent other women from suffering the same fate. The Facebook group “Redeem Rivky: Demand that Yoel Weiss Give his Wife a Get” was created last week and already has over 4,800 "Likes."

“I’m trying to open eyes in my community,” she told the Daily News. “I’ve been getting so much feedback from people thanking me. I’m really here to empower women.”