Who Says a Nice Jewish Girl Can't Be a Bodybuilder?

When high-jumper Erin Stern acknowledged she was just too short for her line of work, she never imagined her path would lead her to the NPC.

If you imagined the typical Jewish physique, bodybuilder is probably not what would come to mind. In pop culture, Jews are skinny and bespectacled like Woody Allen, or chubby and unshaven like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Sometimes the rare tough and rugged Israeli shows up, fighting terror and being macho. But big, buff and tan — that’s something you rarely see. So how did a nice Jewish girl end up becoming a champion in the sport of hulking supermen like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman?

In Erin Stern’s case, it all started with three centimeters.

Jewish bodybuilder Erin Stern

Three centimeters is not a long distance to travel. It’s barely more than an inch. Take one footstep and you’d blow right by it. But for Stern, the three centimeters she couldn’t travel changed her life forever.

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