WATCH: What Exactly Is a 'YidLife Crisis?'

A comedic Jewish duo discusses the age-old issues of religious practice versus cultural identity with some 'friendly' disagreements.

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Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, the creators of the world's first 18 and over ("Chai +") Yiddish Web series, discuss the age-old issues of religious practice versus cultural identity, with some "friendly" disagreements.

The two, who make up the comedic duo YidLife, were filmed in December presenting this JDOV talk at the Limmud Conference in Birmingham.

Elman and Batalion are lifelong performers, actors, writers, producers and musicians, occasional Jewish educators and sometimes friends. After racking up numerous credits individually, the two natives of Montreal came together to explore Jewish, religious and cultural identity, while paying tribute to their Jewish comic heritage in the world’s first modern Yiddish online sitcom, YidLife Crisis.

The show has reached a global audience in the hundreds of thousands and brought the duo to sold-out live shows across North America and Israel.