WATCH: Sarah Silverman Slams voter-ID Laws

In a new video, the American Jewish comedian argues the new laws are in fact aimed at preventing President Obamas re-election.

Comedian Sarah Silverman takes aim at voter ID laws, arguing that they are in fact voter suppression laws aimed at preventing President Obamas re-election.

As she notes in her video, some Republicans have made no secret of their belief that such laws will benefit their preferred presidential candidate.

Silverman argues that the new voter ID laws are aimed at suppressing voting by African Americans, the poor, the elderly and college students -- all of whom, she says, "are probably going to vote" for Obama. (Actually, Mitt Romney does better than Obama with older voters -- especially those in their 70s, which is the GOP nominees strongest age group. Romney's strength among seniors is evident in Florida as well.)

Like Silvermans previous videos, this one is sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, a pro-Obama Super-PAC that was the recipient of a $200,000 donation from Alex Soros (Georges son). The group has launched a new website devoted to voter ID laws.

In July, Silverman Released a video in which she attempted to persuade Sheldon Adelson, the single largest donor for any candidate in the 2012 Presidential Elections, to switch camps, from Romney to Obama.

The video released in July says, "Billionaires are giving Romney a record-breaking amount of money for his campaign this year.

 "Seventy-eight-year-old casino magnate Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas has pledged to give Romney 100 million dollars to defeat Barack Obama. Sarah Silverman has a proposition for you, Sheldon," continues the clip.

After promising to perform an explicit act with the billionaire, comedienne then urges the public to visit a website where they can sign a petition to "to help cut Mitt Romney free from his sugar daddy." The website lists several facts about the big donor, including his wealth estimate, his remarks on influencing the elections, his first choice of candidate (Newt Gingrich) and his positions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict ("He thinks that the Palestinians are an invented people and hates on AIPAC for being too pro-Palestinian").

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