WATCH: Students Tell the Story of Passover as a Chain Reaction

Technion students have created an ingenious Rube Goldberg machine that knocks over matzot like dominoes, lights the burning bush and plunges the room into darkness.

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A screenshot from the video.

Students at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology are celebrating Passover with an ingenious Rube Goldberg machine that tells the story of the holiday through a cascade of motion.

A Rube Goldberg machine is a highly complex and over-engineered process that performs a simple task, usually involving chain reaction.

Created by students from the faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture and Town Planning, the machine shows highlights from the Passover story, from Moses in the basket through the burning bush and to the 10 plagues.

It begins with wine poured into a Kiddush cup, which initiates a chain reaction that includes a row of falling matzot, a fan blowing a basket across a tub of water and an actual fire, representing the burning bush.

At the end, after the plagues (at one point the room is plunged into darkness,) and the splitting of the Red Sea, a pyramid is lifted to reveal a seder plate.