WATCH: NYPD Officers Eat Matza for the First Time - Earning a Dry Response

Happy Passover video documents humorous reactions to the taste - or lack thereof - of matza.

NYPD officers seem underwhelmed by the first taste of matza in a video released on April 22, 2016.

The New York Police Department took a few minutes from their day protecting the Big Apple to get in the holiday spirit and bite into something a bit less juicy: Matza.

In a video released by the NYPD Friday, officers with no prior matza experience tried the yeast-free substitute for bread as their way of saying happy Passover.

Some seemed unsure what to do with the possibly edible substance.

"So just bite it?" asked one officer in the video. "You eat it?" wondered another.

Some gave a slight grimace in reaction to the exotic ethnic food, but seemed nervous of offending. "Quiet taste," said one. "It's a little dry - sort of cardboard like," said another honestly.

While almost all the officers seemed politely underwhelmed, some had an attitude as light the matza itself. 

"This is delicious," one of the tasters exclaimed before bursting into laughter at a colleague who sensed sarcasm and quickly asked, "What do you really think?"

As a Jewish NYPD officer put it at the end of the clip: "Matza, it's delicious! Ask me again after I've been eating it for a week."