WATCH: 'He Found the Matzo, Pay Up!' Larry David's Hilarious Passover Seder

But what's it all about, and why does everyone hide the afikoman in the same place?

Larry David is not going to give up that dollar without a fight.

Curb Your Enthusiasm's hilarious Passover offering shows Jewish American comedian Larry David reluctantly negotiate the payout for one of Passover's strangest traditions – the afikoman.

"He found the matzo, pay up!" a fellow Seder-member urges David.

For many children, the chance at a prize for finding the so-called afikoman, a piece of the dry, cracker-like unleavened bread eaten during Passover, is usually the highlight of the meal.

So what is this strange custom of breaking up the matzah and hiding a part of it all about?

While there is a range of explanations as to why we do it, from it being a reenactment of Jacob stealing his brother's blessing to reminding Jews that the real redemption is yet to come, the custom of hiding the afikoman also keeps children engaged.

As Rabbi Eliezer of the Babylonian Talmud suggests, the treasure hunt stops them from falling asleep.

And, when all is said and sung, the four questions asked and the long list of symbolic foods eaten, Larry David's Passover offering does still raise one additional question though: Why does everyone hide the afikoman in the same place?