WATCH: How to Make Homemade Kosher Marzipan

Michal does Kosher by Michal Ansky
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Homemade marzipan prepared by Michal Ansky.Credit: Michal does Kosher
Michal does Kosher by Michal Ansky

Marzipan is the perfect kosher desert for any meal. It's very easy to make at home and can be beautifully paired with dates or nuts to make a small, sweet delight that's also gluten free and dairy free.

Marzipan is very festive. You can shape it as you like and package it nicely to give away as a holiday gift. After letting it dry for 2 days in the open air it becomes firmer.

To make your marzipan you may use peeled almonds, but I like to begin the process by soaking organic almonds in water. After a few minutes the skin will easily peel off between your fingers.


1 cup finely ground almonds
White of one medium-sized egg
1/2 tsp natural almond extract
1 1/3 cup powdered sugar
Powdered sugar for surface


1.  Mix all ingredients in a mixer with a K beater or a food processor. You may also knead by hand. Mix until you get dough that can be rolled into a ball. Knead for one more minute, but not too long, so that the almonds don't secrete fat. When you use a food processor this happens very fast. If you're using a mixer on low speed, at first there will be crumbs, which will later gather into a ball.

2.  Spread some powdered sugar on your surface and create 1" thick cylinders from the dough. Cut them diagonally into pipes 2" long. You can also roll them into balls, like my mother in law does, push your finger in the middle to create a small depression and put a roasted almond inside.

3.  Place marzipan pieces on baking sheet and set aside to dry for two days, until a crispy crust appears.