'Jews Out' Scrawled on Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument in Poland

Obelisk commemorating mass suicide at 18 Mila Street defaced with anti-Semitic slogan; police close investigation without identifying perpetrators.

A Warsaw Ghetto Uprising monument was defaced on Wednesday night in Poland, with the words "Jude Raus" (Jews Out) scrawled at the foot of stairs leading up to a plaque commemorating a mass suicide during the uprising.

It took some 24 hours until the incident was reported to the police. Following a short investigation police concluded that it would be impossible to apprehend the perpetrators due to the lack of security camera surveillance in the area.

During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the command post of Jewish Combat Organization leader Mordechai Anielewicz stood upon this artificial mound. When the Germans closed in on his post at 18 Mia Street, most of the fighters chose death by suicide rather than being captured by the Nazis. When the fighting subsided, dozens of bodies lay dead in the post. Their death was commemorated with an obelisk listing the names of the dead, and a plaque inscribed with Hebrew, Polish and Yiddish text situated upon the mound.

To me this is not an ordinary defacement, but clear proof of the persistence of anti-Semitism, Hanna Szmalenberg, who looks after the site, told the media. She noted that a short while ago, during the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, anti-Semitic slogans showed up on the walls of nearby houses. Residents removed them before the police arrived.

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