Football Fan Verbally Assaults Vienna Rabbi While Police Look On

Rabbi says he was greeted with a 'Heil Hitler' salute ahead of a football match while local police dismissed his plea for help.

A Vienna rabbi was targeted with anti-Semitic insults by a football fan while police officers stood by and did nothing, police confirmed Friday.

The Jewish cleric said the incident took place Thursday in Vienna's city center, ahead of the Europa League match between Rapid Vienna and the Greek team PAOK.

A fan insulted him and greeted him with "Heil Hitler," his arm raised in a Nazi salute, he charge.

The rabbi, Shlomo Hofmeister, said he asked police officers who were watching from a few meters away to intervene, but they just said: "Come on, it's a football night."

A police spokesman said investigations were underway to find the officers and the football fan, who may have been a German national supporting PAOK, according to unconfirmed reports.

The incident took place two days after a rabbi was attacked and seriously injured in Berlin by unknown youths.

Rapid and PAOK were sanctioned by the European football regulator UEFA Tuesday after fans created crowd trouble at a game in Saloniki last week.

Rabbi Shlomo Hofmeister who was verbally attacked ahead of a football match in Vienna.