U2's Bono 'Likes to Dress Up as a Hasidic Jew' While Cycling

Guitarist The Edge says no one snapped photo of Bono's recent cycling accident because he was in disguise.

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Bono joins the minyan
Bono joins the minyanCredit: Ze'ev Stern, AP

U2's lead singer, Bono, likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew while cycling – or so says his bandmate, guitarist The Edge.

The Edge made the revelation on Wednesday in an interview with CBS Radio station KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show. He called in to the show to discuss Bono's recent bicycling accident, which has left him out of commission, and the band's 2015 North American tour.

U2 last month posted a message on its official site informing fans that Bono had an accident, writing, "Bono has injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park and requires some surgery to repair it. We're sure he'll make a full recovery soon, so we'll be back!..."

When asked how no one managed to take a picture of Bono after the mishap, The Edge replied, “You know, when Bono goes cycling he likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew."

A spokesman for Bono later had to confirm to The Times of Israel that the statement was, in fact, a joke. 

“The poor guy," The Edge said during the radio interview. "Basically his left elbow was shattered so a lot of the work was reconstructing the joints and putting in wires and plates. He actually showed us an X-ray a couple of days later and it looked like a miniature of the Eiffel Tower was in his elbow and then the same had to happen with a fracture of his pinky, the joint there was totally messed up, so that needed a bone graft. And the most vulnerable was actually his upper back, the scapula, because they couldn’t put any plates in there or they decided not to do surgery. So he has got to be very still and not move around ’til that’s really healed.

“He’s doing physio to keep the joints active twice a day,” he added.

Bono's injuries have forced him to cancel several gigs, including one for World AIDS Day in New York, where Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay's Chris Martin replaced him, according to NME.

U2 recently announced a tour for 2015, called the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. They will play 44 shows in 19 cities to promote new album "Songs of Innocence." The album caused a stir when it was automatically downloaded to more than 500 million iTunes accounts. The free download was announced when U2 performed at the September launch of the iPhone 6 in Cupertino, California.

Bono later apologized to fans about the free giveaway.

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