U.S. Senate Cafeteria Considers Kosher Catering

Jewish senators will be happy to order chicken and kreplach soup this winter, over the eatery’s famous bean and ham soup, should Restaurant Associates go ahead with its plan to add Kosher meals to the menu.

The U.S. Senate cafeteria has decided to start catering for its Jewish customers, by looking into options for adding Kosher meals to its menu.

Restaurant Associates, the contractor that runs the chamber’s food service, told Haaretz that it is currently looking into options for Kosher food with different vendors, but no decisions have been made as yet.

Yom Kippur food

The contractor has not yet indicated what types of bites will be on offer, but Jewish senators would certainly be delighted to have the option of ordering a chicken and kreplach soup this winter over the Senate’s famous bean and ham broth.