U.S. Politicians Liberman and Cantor Will Be No-shows at Glenn Beck Jerusalem Rally

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman cannot attend due to 'family commitment', Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, currently in Israel, will be leaving on the day of the rally.

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor will not be attending Glenn Beck's rally to "restore courage" in Jerusalem on Wednesday, according to a Washington Jewish Week report.

Lieberman had initially committed to attending the rally during an appearance on Beck’s now-cancelled television show, however, the senator will not be taking part due to a family engagement.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman AP

“Because of a family commitment, Senator Lieberman will regrettably not be able to attend the Restoring Courage rally which Glenn Beck and others are holding in Jerusalem, Israel on August 24,” a Lieberman spokesperson told the Washington Jewish Week.

The spokesperson continued, saying “Senator Lieberman supports this event and wishes he could be there in person to express his support for a secure and free Israel, for Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and for a rock-solid US-Israel relationship based on shared, eternal values and common current interests and enemies."

Separately, Cantor’s office told the Washington Jewish Week that the House majority leader –who is currently in Israel with a delegation of lawmakers –  won’t be making it to the Beck rally either.

Although Beck had listed the top Jewish Republican would be attending the rally, Cantor will be traveling back from Israel on Wednesday, exactly when Beck’s rally is scheduled taking place.