U.S. Jewish Group Urges America: Al Tirah! Fear Not!

Campaign based on sermon given by Rabbi Sharon Brous presents Glenn Beck as a figure standing for fear.

‫The Tea Party movement is not intimidated by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s upcoming rally, one activist told Haaretz at a gathering in Virginia on Wednesday.

“It’s a spoof on Glenn Beck’s rally in Washington, right?” she said. “Glenn Beck’s rally was awesome. It was inspiring, all about positive messages and values – God, faith, family, country. These guys are funny, but their message is hate. Let them have their fun. I doubt they’ll have the same numbers as Glenn Beck”.

Apparently, it depends on who's doing the casting.

In a recent YouTube video clip inspired by Rabbi Sharon Brous in Los Angeles, the Jewish Funds for Justice present Glenn Beck as a figure standing for fear.

This campaign "centers around the biblical commandment Al Tirah, which is Hebrew for “Fear Not," the group says in its statement. “When the heroes of biblical times despaired, God would speak to them. 'Al Tirah! Fear Not!” God commanded."

"Good advice then, good advice now," says the group. "Al Tirah America! Fear Not! Time to shake off our despair, and get back in the game.”