Two Israeli Yeshiva Students Reportedly Targeted in New York

Local media says man throws makeshift firebomb at young ultra-Orthodox men in Manhattan while yelling 'I want to kill you.'

FILE PHOTO: Borough Park, a neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York that is home to many ultra-Orthodox Jewish families. Sept. 20, 2013.

Two Israeli ultra-Orthodox seminary students were reportedly targeted Friday in New York City with a makeshift firebomb, local media reported.

According to the report, Yosef Rachimi and Yisroel Gadafi were standing on a corner in midtown Manhattan when a man hurled what the New York Daily News described as a "Molotov cocktail inside a Snapple bottle" at them. Neither were hurt in the alleged attack, but a small fire erupted as a result.

According to the report, the attacker reportedly screamed "I want to kill you" before throwing that burning alcohol-filled bottle.

The incident was also reported in the New York Post, which quoted a local antisemitism watchdog, the Jewish Leadership Council, and witnesses. The report noted that the NYPD were alerted to the scene and that an investigation is now taking place.

“Everybody was scared,” a local shopkeeper who witnessed the attack said. “Some guy put alcohol in a bottle of Snapple. The bottle broke and he left.” The alleged attacker fled the scene and has not yet been arrested.

According to the reports, the two were at West 37th Street and Ninth Avenue at the time, attempting to convince people to do a mitzvah – or good deed according to Jewish law.