Turkish-Jewish Writers Publicly Oppose Israel's Policies in Gaza

But open letter also objects to effort to hold Turkey's Jewish community responsible for conflict in the Strip.

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People hold placards as they protest against Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan after the government blocked access to Twitter in Ankara, on March 21, 2014.
People in Ankara protest the effort by the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to block access to Twitter in March 2014.Credit: AFP

A number of prominent Jews from Turkey's media, finance and other sectors have publicly objected to attempts to hold them responsible for Israel's conflict in Gaza and denounced the Jewish State's efforts as aggressive and expansionist, a media report says.

The Hurriyet Daily News, based in Istanbul, reports that an open letter was released Aug. 29 over the signatures of a number of intellectuals, including the economist Cem Behar, the former radio host Avi Haligua and the columnist Soli Ozel.

The letter says that Israel's seven-week conflict with Hamas in Gaza led to claims "that the Jews of Turkey bear responsibility for what Israel does" in the Strip, the news service reported.

Just as "the people of Turkey cannot be held responsible for the barbarity of what the Islamic State … does because a number of Turks are among its fighters, the Jewish community of Turkey cannot be held responsible for what [Israel] does," the signers say in the letter.

The letter said they oppose Israel's policies in Gaza not because the writers are "of Jewish origin but because we are human."

The group doesn't agree on all matters, "But all of us are opposed to Israel’s aggression, militarism, expansionism and the violence it brings upon the Palestinian people," the letter says.

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