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Trump Retweets Image of His Political Opponents Behind Bars, Including His Own Deputy Attorney General

Trump also dredged up a month old conservative attack on Clinton

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U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk's attack on Hillary Clinton from late October, in which he claims she implied all black people look alike when making a joke. Earlier on Wednesday Trump also retweeted an image of his political opponents, including Barack Obama, the Clintons, his own Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller, behind bars for “treason.” 

Kirk wrote, "WOW - if a conservative said this they would be boycotted and not allowed back in the public arena — Hillary said “all black people look the same” - incredibly racist thing to say Hillary! RT!"

Kirk was referring to a moment during an October 29th on-stage interview with Recode's Kara Swisher, in which Swisher confused Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

"Well, that was Eric Holder," Clinton noted.

"Eric Holder, oh, Eric Holder, sorry," Swisher said.

"Yeah, I know they all look alike," Clinton quipped to a wave of laughter and applause in the room.