Trump Praises Evangelical Pastor Who Once Said Jews Can't Be Saved

Trump tweets praise for new book by Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor who leads a televised ministry in Dallas and serves as an informal advisor to Trump on faith-based issues

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U.S. President Donald Trump, left, speaks with pastor Robert Jeffress during the "Celebrate Freedom" event at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Saturday, July 1, 2017.
Trump’s Evangelical adviser on Fox News: NFL players lucky 'they are not shot in the head'. Pictured: Trump, left, speaks with pastor Robert Jeffress on Saturday, July 1, 2017.Credit: Olivier Douliery/Bloomberg

Donald Trump promoted the new book by controversial Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress on Twitter Saturday. Trump wrote, "Great book just out, "A Place Called Heaven," by Dr. Robert Jeffress - A wonderful man!" 

Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor who leads a televised ministry in Dallas, serves as an informal advisor to Trump on faith-based issues and led Trump in prayer from the Oval Office after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. 

Faith leaders weigh in on NFL controversyCredit: Fox News

In late September, Jeffress addressed the ongoing battle between Donald Trump and kneeling NFL players on "Fox and Friends" saying that these players should “be thanking God” they haven’t been “shot in the head.”

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“I think what these players are doing is absolutely wrong,” Jeffress said. “These players ought to be thanking God that they live in a country where they’re not only free to earn millions of dollars every year, but they’re also free from the worry of being shot in the head for taking a knee like they would be if they were in North Korea.”

It was not Jeffress's first inflammatory statement, in mid-September he said God "is not necessarily an open borders guy," also while appearing on "Fox and Friends" - where he is a paid contributor.  Jeffress made that comment while on the program discussing a letter by Christian leaders imploring Trump to use “Christian compassion” when it comes to immigration and the DACA program

Media Matters for America compiled a clip of some of Jeffress's most extreme statements made on camera.  The clip includes Jeffress saying the "the dark dirty secret of Islam is that it is a religion that promotes pedophilia." Jeffress also says "you can't be saved by being a Jew" and "Mormonism is heresy from the pit of hell."

Jeffress made headlines in August as well when he claimed the Bible gives Trump "moral authority to use whatever force necessary” against North Korea.

Here is Jeffress's full statement on immigration from "Fox and Friends" on September 14, 2017:

“While Christian compassion is one consideration, it’s not the only consideration in the immigration problem. I mean, the Bible also says that God is the one who established nations and its borders. God is not necessarily an open borders guy, as a lot of people would think that he is. And thirdly, the Bible says God has ordained government to protect its citizens. So when you are talking about a biblical solution to immigration, yes, we need to talk about compassion, but we need to balance that with government’s real responsibility to protect its citizens.”

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