Tri-colored Pears – a Sweet End to the Yom Kippur Fast

Easy to create and visually attractive.

Nira Rousso
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This recipe is from Haaretz's archives.

You can do everything in this recipe with ordinary large pears, but you should look for the apple-shaped brown, large, juicy and sweet ones in the markets now, which for some reason are called "Nashi." Select them carefully or ask the greengrocer to do it for you.

This is an easy way to create a fine end to a meal. It's attractive, too, because the bottom of the Nashi pear cooks and darkens in the spiced liquid, the middle stays light, and the upper third has the peel, which softens during cooking.


Nashi pears, or large regular ones, 1 per diner, with stems
boiling water (see below)
1 tbsp. brown sugar for every pear
a little vanilla extract
Option: rosewater extract


1. Use a wide pan or a sauteuse. Gently slice off a piece of the bottom of the fruit so it stands straight. Peel only the bottom two-thirds of the fruit, leave the upper part and the stem.

2. Place the fruit close together in the pan together with the sugar and the vanilla. Add water to cover the bottom third of the fruit, cook uncovered until the fruit is soft and shows off its three colors.

3. Cool and serve with a little of the sauce. You can add fragrance to it with a drop or two of rosewater extract.

Tri-color pears.Credit: Doram Gaunt