The Thinking Person's Guide to the Holocaust

The Forward compiles a list of the overwhelming amount of valuable artwork and literature about the Holocaust to try and map a way into the subject for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday, The Forward has complied a list from hundreds of readers' suggestions and consultants with the valuable and high-quality works of art and scholarship about the Holocaust. Our intention is not to be populist, exclusive or exhaustive (were it even possible), but to map a way into the subject.

Reading literature without knowing history is impossible. One cannot appreciate the literature of the Holocaust without a grounding in its history. But conversely, one cannot understand the Holocaust without the insight of witnesses and great artistic or literary figures. This list, with a number of your comments included, is a distillation of a body of work that you have told us about and which is expanding every year. We have organized the following titles not as a definitive list, but rather, on Yom HaShoah of 5771, as a way to begin.

Holocaust memorial April 15, 2011.

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