The Talmud - Now Available to Today's Hebrew Speakers

It took Adin Steinsaltz over 40 years to translate all 2,711 pages of the document, but the word 'translation' falls short of what he actually achieved.

Some 45 years after he started out, secular -Orthodox Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has completed the first ever translation of the Talmud into Modern Hebrew.

The Talmud, the central text of rabbinic Judaism, is comprised of the Ancient Hebrew Mishna interspersed throughout the Aramaic Gemara. For a speaker of Modern Hebrew, trying to read this is the equivalent of an English-speaker reading Shakespearean English followed by long chunks of French. French and English, like Hebrew and Aramaic, share an alphabet and some words, but knowing one doesn’t ensure you’ll understand the other.

Adin Steinsaltz - Forward
The Forward

Translating all 2,711 pages sounds like a grand achievement, but the word “translation” actually underplays what Steinsaltz has managed.