The Answers to the Jewish Question, According to Szálasi

‘Sooner or later, every people that acts like the Jews) them will be destroyed,’ Szálasi wrote.

‘The Jewish question, if one even rises among us, is 'why would be destroyed, why is it use that have to be destroyed,” Szálasi wrote in his diary. Below are some of the answers. Sooner or later, every people that acts like them will be destroyed.

1. Until now, they weren't destroyed because there was anarchy on earth, one which they contributed to with their behavior, and have infinitely enjoyed.

Ferenc Szálasi - Memorial Museum Of Hungarian Speaking Jewry
Courtesy of The Memorial Museum Of Hungarian Speaking Jewry in Safed

2. They will be destroyed now, since the thousand-year order will not suffer anarchists, regardless of how they call themselves, or who gave them life.

3. The new order can only be created by peoples with a country and with roots, and the Jews, by their very nature, are not included in that group. The 'amphibian' period of human society will be over, the 'amphibians' will be extinct all, regardless of what will bring on the new age.

4. Judaism longs, in vain, for a country and homeland, it will not and cannot get it, it is already too late, the period of national conquest has passed over its head. You cannot gain, erect, and maintain a homeland through the blood and sweat of others, at most take rob, take advantage and sell.

5. The claim that the Jews are the 'chosen people' is nothing but an eternal warning to the rest of the peoples, how one cannot, must not live.

6. Judaism does everything in order to define the entire world as its homeland and country, with the blood and sweat of other peoples. For it, the 'Internationale' was the tool of conquering, forming, and maintaining a homeland. In these aspirations it has failed, and dug its own grave. At the onset of the new order, it remains as a relic of the old world, humanity's bloodiest, lowest, and most dishonorable anachronism, which should be ended as the first rule and base of any order making, because if that is not done, the filth of that anachronism will flood the new world too. The prophecy will be fulfilled even in the case of this human waste forgotten here.

7. Judaism will be written down in the annals of the nations as a historical proof of a deterring example. Judaism will fulfill the curse they have brought upon themselves almost two thousand years ago, when they demanded the death of the man, the death of which National-Socialism will avenge, just as it sounded two thousand years ago from the mouths of the Jews: his blood be upon us. Upon them indeed!"