Swastikas Spray Painted on Brooklyn Jewish Sites in anti-Semitic Attack

Mayor Bloomberg says 'there is no place for acts of hate in New York City.'

Hate graffiti found sprayed on multiple Jewish sites, including Synagogues, in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York. The New York Police Department's hate crimes unit is investigating the crime, searching for the perpetrators who spray painted swastikas during the night between Thursday and Friday.

There is no place for acts of hate in New York City," the city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said on Friday, adding that municipality graffiti removal trucks would be deployed to erase the swastikas as soon as the police investigation allows it.

Vosizneias.com reported that the swastikas were located at: 4609 16th Ave., 4619 16th Ave., 4423 16th Ave., 4623 18th Ave., as well as, on a van on 42nd street between 15th and 16th Ave.

"Religious intolerance has, yet again, resurfaced in Borough Park. New Yorkers are forced to witness yet another egregious example of hatred and ignorance. I stand firmly with fellow elected officials and the New York Police Department as we work together to protect religious freedoms for all and punish those who go against this mission to the fullest extent of the law, said city councilman Domenic Recchia Jr..

Swastika spray painted on a Jewish center in Brooklyn, New York City.
NYPD @NYScanner