70 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Germans Skeptical of Israel

Study shows 58 percent of Germans feel past should be consigned to history, 62 percent hold negative views of Israeli government and 48% hold 'poor' opinion of Jewish state.

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A rose on the tracks at the train station Grunewald from where the Jews of Berlin were sent to Auschwitz, on Holocaust remembrance day in Berlin, Germany.Credit: AP

Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, some 58 percent of Germans say the past should be consigned to history, while three-quarters of Israelis reject the idea of putting the past behind them.

Some 48 percent of Germans also say their opinion of today's Israel is "poor" and the Germans' view of the Israeli government is even worse, with 62 percent expressing a negative opinion.

The figures are the results of a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation released Monday.

Nonetheless, a majority of both Israelis and Germans believe that Germany has a special responsibility toward Israel because of its history.

During the Third Reich, the Germans killed 6 million European Jews in the Holocaust.