Silverman to Maher: I Am Lucky That I Get a Star and I Don't Have to Sew It on My Clothes

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Sarah Silverman on HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher'
Sarah Silverman on HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher'Credit: Screen grab

Comedian Sarah Silverman created a sensation on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday night when she implied that the United States under President Donald Trump is starting to look more and more like the Holocaust. 

The show's host Maher joked with Silverman about her use of hyperbole after the audience gasped at her reference, but Silverman retorted "it's funny because its true."

"You know, in a time, Bill, where anti-Semitic crime is up 57 percent since this douchebag has taken office, it is not lost on me that I am very lucky that I get a star and I don't have to sew it on my clothes," Silverman said, making a reference to the fact she had received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame just hours prior.

"Oh, no you didn't!" Maher replied in a joking tone, and Silverman added, "I did! I don't know if that's gallows humor or just like 'it's funny because it's true' humor."

Sarah Silverman: Good Shit | Real Time with Bill MaherCredit: HBO

Maher then asked, "Do you think you are changing anyone's mind." Silverman responded, "Probably not."

"You do realize there's a bit a difference between the liars and the lied to," Silverman said. "[Trump supporters] don't know they're lied to. It's like cults. Cults don't know they're lied to."

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